The Song of the Cid

por Penguin Classics

A Dual-Language Edition with Parallel Text

“With a wonderfully informative introduction by María Rosa Menocal, this welcome translation by Burton Rafael give us a Song of the Cid that retains the excitement and fast pace of thee original.” -Edith Grossman

Venture into the heart of Islamic Spain in this vibrant, rollicking new translation of The Song of the Cid, the only surviving epic from medieval Spain. Banished from the court of King Alfonso, the noble warrior Rodrigo Diaz, know as the Cid, sets out from Castile to restore his name. In a series of battles, he earns wealth and honor for his men and his king, as well as fame and admiration for himself. But it is in rescuing his daughters from their ill-suited marriages that the Cid faces the ultimate challenge to the medieval heroic ideal.

Pages: 254