Thankious - a word theta can change the world

por Paul E Gonzalez

THANKIOUS is a collection of 365 gratitude bits and pieces that happen to all of us in a daily basis. Being thankful for the good, bad, weird and ordinary stuff that occur to us daily is more than an action, it's a lifestyle. And this book it's about living that lifestyle! Thankious is my way of immortalizing those moments of gratitude in a book that we can all enjoy, read while we are at the beach, when we are at a plane, just before bed or simply when we want a reason to smile.

Paul E Gonzalez-Mangual is a writer and entrepreneur from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Since a very young age, he has build, launched, and lived extraordinary experiences that have translated into four books, a Guinness World Record, a TEDx Talk, award-winning companies, and written columns for major media publications.

 Published by Paul E Gonzalez -Independent 1st edition printed on December 15, 2015 |

Paperback: 428 pages | ISBN-10: 1396494995 | ISBN-13: 978-1396494994