Target Culebra

por Richard D. Copaken

This book narrates the undertakings of Washington-based lawyer Richard D. Copaken, while representing the Municipality of Culebra, in his efforts to evict the U.S. Navy from lands it used through the 1970's to carry out military training with life munitions. This memoir details the brilliant legal strategy and grass-roots efforts which paved the way for Washington to learn of the injustices the military inflicted on the residents of Culebra. After convincing many in Congress and the Pentagon that the military exercises were ideal in the context of World War II but not in the technological challenges of the second half of the 20th century, and beginning of the 21st., Copaken saw the fruits of his efforts when he and the 743 resident on the island celebrated the departure of the U.S. military from the disputed lands.


Casa Editora:  La Editorial, Universidad de Puerto Rico (2008)

Páginas:  490