Sugar and Power in the Caribbean

por Humberto García Muñiz

"The South Porto Rico Sugar Company, a New York-based multinational corporation, established world leading sugar factories in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. These two countries, with dissimilar histories and realities, were under the control of the United States during a most propitious time of growth in the sugar industry. This book explores, in a comparative manner, the company's successful establishment and expansion from 1900 to 1921, by analyzing how it combined: German capital --familiar with conditions in the U.S. market and Puerto Rico--, specialized Louisiana administrative/technical personnel in sugar processing, Barbadian biological technology and supervision in cane cultivation, as well as Caribbean (Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cocolo and Haitian) labor. Other subjects examined are: the relationship between the Sugar Trust and South Porto Rico Sugar Company, the removal of German capital from the company by the Alien Property Custodian, the development of a sugar bourgeoisie in Puerto Rico, migration and labor instability, as well as "land wars" and gavillerismo in the Dominican Republic."


Casa Editora:  La Editorial Universidad de Puerto Rico (2010)

Páginas:  540