In Between

por Librería El Candil

Rachel has always wanted one thing, true love. She has dreamed of her perfect wedding since she was little and it seems she will finally get it with her fiancé Ethan. Through Rachel’s rose-tinted view of the world, her fiancé seems to tick every box for her idea of the perfect husband. Ethan is the cookie-cutter romance hero, forever showering her with gifts and being forgiven for every misdeed or mistake through his charm. However, Rachel’s plans for her dream wedding to Ethan starts showing cracks as another man steps into her life. Rachel’s ideas of what a man should be and could be; are shaken to the core as her interactions with Tom increase. Caught in the web of the consequences of their decisions and the effects of karma on each of the characters; this book will make you question the reason why we do things and will push you to side with characters as you live through their choices.

Autor: M.A. Fernández