I'll trade you this island

por Cindy Jiménez Vera
Todo vendido

Cindy Jiménez-Vera writes from the fragment, not to reconstitute a whole, but work with the materiality of the daily, the comb, the hair in the comb, the red of the comb, the loss of a mother, memory as curse, as love that is gripping.  If Walter Benjamin were born in Puerto Rico, he and Cindy would probably share texts, thoughts on fascism, and a common obssesion with the scraps of history.  These poems refuse the neat folds of a certain lyricism.  They feel as raw as a return to earth, not as symbol, but as body.  They disarm in their refusal and still welcome us to partake.  They are divinely sacrilegious, an atheist's blessing, playful abstentions, there and there where we most need them.  How lucky we are that they are here, that they are now. -Raquel Salas Rivera, author of lo terciario/the tertiary


Publisher: Ediciones Aguadulce (2018)

Pages: 116