Heart of Darkness

por Joseph Conrad

Although Polish by birth, Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) is regarded as one of the reates writers in Engish, and Heart of Darkness, first published in 1902, is considered by many his "most famous, finest and most enigmatic stoty" (Encyclopedia Britannica, 15TH ed). The tale concerns the journey of the narrador (Marlon) up the Congo River on behalf oa a Belgian trading company. Far upriver, he conjuntes the mysterious Kurtz, an ivory traer who exercises an almost godlike sway over the inhabitants of the región. Both repeled and fascinante by the man, Mrlow is brought face to face with the corrupción and depair that Conrad saw at the heart of the human existence.S

In its combination of narrativa and symbolic power, masterly character study and acute psycological penetration, heart of Darkness ranas a landmark of modern fiction. Its a book no serious student of literatura can afford to miss.

Unabridged Dover (1990) republication of the story original published in the colme A narrativa and two Other Stories by William Blakwood & Song, Edingurgh and London, 1902.

Publisher: Dove-Thrift-Editions, Dover Publications Inc. | Pages 72 | ISBN: 9780486264646