Dominga Rescues The Flag/ Dominga Rescata La Bandera

por Randall, Margaret, Mariana McDonald
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Is the bilingual oral history of Dominga de la Cruz, the Puerto Rican heroine "who picked up the flag at Ponce" in the midst of the March 21, 1937 Ponce Massacre. Dominga, a black working-class woman, became a Nationalist Party activist in the 1930's and a protege of s leader Pedro Albizu Campos. When bullets rang out that Palm Sunday in Ponce, Sominga leapt from safety to rescue the Puerto Rican flag when its bearer was killed. For that momento of courage, Dominga won a place in history, as well as persecution and exile. Dominga tells her story to Margaret Randall in Cuba, where Dominga found refuge. Hers is a story os resistance: Dominga de la Cruz leaping into gunfire to retrieve the Puerto Rican flag is Puerto Rico in struggle.  

Casa Editora: Two Wings Press

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