An Archipelago of Caribbean Masks

por Lowell Fiet
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The intermingling of sacred and profane African, Native American, European, East Indian, and or asian traditions in Caribbean festivals reaffirms itself, grows, diminishes, or changes in every new performance. The process remains unequal and follows no set program of development. The us european-dominated commercial cultures of tourism and cyber-media intervence as forceful agents of change in Caribbean societies and their festivals. Island economic policies dictated by local offices of tourism and international corporations feed on the edonistic aspects of visitors and locals "jumping up" in Carnival. At the same time, comtemporary citizenships seems unthinkable access. The typical counter- argument indicates that what touches global interest and cyberspace, including the plastic and the latex mask available via amazon and other websites, attracts them, while traditional culture and festivals arts-perhaps especially the creation and use of unique handmade artistic maks-lose their appeal. 

Autor: Lowell Fiet

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Fecha: 2019