A Heartbreaking work of Staggering Genius

por Dave Eggers

he book's primary story is Eggers's learning to be both brother and parent to Toph. It starts out with Eggers, Toph, and Beth dealing with their mother and father's stomach and lung cancer sickness. After their parents' death, Eggers, Toph, and Beth's lives become complicated. The three children move from Illinois to California.

Beth lives on her own at first, and Toph becomes Eggers's responsibility. Eggers, a man only in his early 20s, has to raise a child as if he were his own. Eggers's life can no longer involve things many 20-year-olds would like to do. For example, Eggers can not stay out of the house all night at the bar and bring home a different girl every week, something which he talks about wanting to do in his book in detail.

Editorial: Vintage

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